Share a Pair of Socks to Help the Homeless

Share a Pair of Socks to Help the Homeless

Homeless people often walk several miles a day to find shelter, food, water or to access help. They rarely take off their shoes which means that their socks are prone to getting unhygienic, damp and uncomfortable. With the lack of available access to laundry facilities to wash their socks, not only does this breed bacteria but it can also cause infections and lead to bad foot-health.

As such, Leiho is excited to announce our first act of kindness that you can soon start to deliver. Socks! Cleans socks are the most requested item of clothing from homeless shelters and charities but they are unfortunately the least donated. 

Socks are a personal but an essential part of our daily lives. We are currently working on curating simple but meaningful pairs of socks that you can wear and in return share with a homeless person. The socks that we donate to the homeless shelters are clean and thick socks that are suitable for maintaining warmth and walking several miles a day.

Wear a pair, Share the care!

One for you, One for them.