Leiho organic cotton t-shirts

Leiho Limited Edition Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Made with 100% organic cotton and vegan water-based ink, Leiho has released limited edition t-shirts that are helping the homeless AND the environment! Leiho’s commitment to sustainability resulted in seeking a supplier who also uses eco-friendly materials. The designs are printed in ink approved by the Soil Association, who are a charity and the ‘UK’s largest organic certification body.’ This means you can be sure that the ink we use won’t adversely affect soil quality and in turn, the food we put in our bellies. Above all, our supplier has a zero-waste and zero-plastic policy, so they ensure that their manufacturing process doesn’t harm the environment and they make good use of their resources. They also don’t use aerosol glues or harsh chemicals that can be harmful to our health.

Black Leiho organic cotton t-shirt

Our t-shirts are also Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, meaning that they are made by the high standards from sourcing the cotton organically to the ethically producing the finished product. We commit to maintaining ethical practices throughout the course of our t-shirt production to assure our customers they are purchasing an ethically sourced and produced item. On top of that, they are also supported by the Fair Wear Foundation, a major advocate for ethical working conditions in factories. They strive to help the people employed in the ‘most labour-intensive’ part of the manufacturing process and protect their rights. This way, good clothes are not made at the expense and detriment of those making them. Our t-shirts help to support human rights, but why stop there? Leiho t-shirts also help to safeguard animal rights and we are also PETA vegan approved. PETA stands for ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ and they strongly believe in protecting animals from cruelty and being used for human gain, including being used for clothes or testing products.

These limited edition tees come in white and black colours only at the moment. Take a peep of them here and grab yourself one while stocks last!


Written by Georgina Weston