Ethical Father's Day gift guide

The Ultimate Ethical Father's Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day around the corner, it is time to start thinking about what to give your dad as a gift. We have put together some of our favorite ethical products, guaranteed to make your dad smile this Father’s Day!


Wakecup bamboo water bottle

1. WakeCup - Bamboo Water Bottle

Perfect to grab for camping trips, hiking (or even going to work). This water bottle makes a great companion for Dads that like to explore nature. Made from sustainably sourced organic bamboo, this water bottler is both durable and stylish. Besides being practical, it’s also a great start for reducing the amount of single-use plastic you use. This bamboo water bottle keeps your water cold for up to 8 hours. Fancy a hot drink? No problem! This bottle can also keep your coffee, tea and even soup for 2 hours.  Protecting the environment is at the heart of what WAKEcup do, 10% of the profits from every sale are also donated to the Marine Conservation and Plastic Oceans.


Truestart ethical coffee

 2. TrueStart Coffee - Coffee Lovers Gift Pack

It’s the ultimate gift for a coffee-holic Dad! This pack contains one of every best-seller that TrueStart offers, from the Barista Grade Instant Coffee to the Vanilla Coconut Cold Brew Can. Truestart Coffee is vegan and keto-friendly.

Truestart Coffee is a company that does good for the world. They partner with Cycle of Good to turn their waste into bags in Malawi. By doing that, Truestart Coffee is also helping to alleviate poverty in the country.

You can also find the amazing Truestart coffee sachets in the Leiho Do Good Feel Good Gift Set.


Lost in Samsara - Upcycled Wallets

 3. Lost in Samsara - Upcycled Wallets

Who said that eco-friendly accessories were not fashionable?

A wallet is usually the last thing we think of replacing. We do not often think of it as a gift, but it is probably one of the most useful. You cannot go wrong with a wallet, it is a timeless gift. Moreover, this one is also very practical: it has plenty of pockets for cards, a transparent pocket for your driving license and a zip at the back for coins. The wallet is made out of recycled inner tubes and cotton. In addition, for every product sold, a tree is planted.



Mo Bro's Beard Kit

4. Mo Bro's - Beard Grooming Kit

It is not easy to keep a beard tidy and healthy. To do so, it is essential to have the right equipment. That is why giving a beard grooming kit to your bearded dad is a great idea.

This kit contains beard oil, beard wash, beard balm, butter and grooming accessories.

You can even personalize your kit, and we all know that the best gifts are the personalized ones!



Crumbs brewing beer gift box

5. Crumbs Brewing - Beer Gift Box

A beer box is the ideal treat for every beer lover. Crumbs Brewing is not a classic beer brand: they are tackling food waste by making their beer from bread that would otherwise go to waste! This little detail will definitely get your Dad’s attention! This gift box contains 3 different types of beer: a Sourdough Pale Ale, a Bloomin’ Amber Lager and a Rye Ruby Ale - perfect for Dad to test out what he likes best.

Crumbs Brewing also partners with 2 amazing charities Food Cycle and Just One Tree to give back and make sure they are making the most impact possible.




Written by: Camille Lacassagne