How to make care packages for vulnerable communities

Our Top Items to Put Into Care Packages For Vulnerable Communities

Care packages are a great way to spread a bit of love and lend a hand to someone in need.

Over the Christmas period in 2022, we put together a few Christmas care packages for one of our charity partners to hand out to people on the streets on Christmas Day. It warms our heart knowing that there are groups of volunteers spreading joy and care to vulnerable individuals that have grown up celebrating Christmas and might not have the opportunity to today. With that being said, we wanted to join forces with People In Need Today to ensure that no one misses out on the joy of opening a present whether it’s a chocolate bar, a pair of socks or even a hand warmer!

Putting together care packages are super simple. Here are some of our top favourite items to pop into these packages:

  1. Non-perishable food items - we’ve switched to donating ethical and nutritious snack bars, crisps and chocolates because we want to look out for the health of vulnerable individuals as much as we can and prevent giving them too many sugary and unhealthy snacks. Previously we’ve received amazing donations from Inside The Pantry, Mister Freed, Rhythm 108 and Love Raw that our friends on the street absolutely love. 
  2. Water or juice cartons - Boxed water is a great way to donate sustainably and also the perfect donation for people living on the streets. We’ve previously donated Aquapax water and people have loved being able to refill the cartons up whilst keeping it light to carry.
  3. Toiletries - toothbrush and toothpaste are always greatly appreciated alongside deodorant over the summer and sunscreen. We tend to also give lip balms and moisturisers over the winter to prevent skin and lips from cracking!
  4. Clothing - socks, underwear, hats and gloves are what we are known to donate in large amounts over the winter period. We like to give a mix of thermals as well as clothing stock that would otherwise go to waste. Anything to keep your hands, feet and head warm in the winter but equally in the summer caps and socks are a great donation.
  5. Hand sanitiser or wipes - Sometimes people on the streets may not have that much access and rights to hygiene, so by providing them with sanitiser and wipes, it allows them to stay clean and confident.


Care packages for the People Project to give to people sleeping rough on the streets around London

REF: Care packages for Kate from The People Project to hand out whilst interview people living on the streets to share their stories.

The list is endless and what we give always varies but these are our top 5 recommendations of the month for what you can put in care packages for people in need!