Leiho bags for meals

New Arrivals: Leiho Bags for Meals

Last week we shared some shocking statistics of how every day 8.2 million children across India are forced to participate in child labour in order to earn their food. That means 1 in every 11 children are deprived of education. To address malnutrition and classroom hunger, we have partnered with The Akshaya Patra Foundation to ensure that children have the motivation and nourishment they need to pursue an education for a greater future.

We are introducing our eco-friendly reusable bags that not only help children in need but they also help eliminate single use plastic and are perfect for your quick adventures! These aren't your normal tote bags, these bags are produced in fair trade solar powered factories that also recycle the water they use (so essentially water isn't being wasted in the production of these bags).

Meet Leiho's new "Jute For You"

Leiho jute bag for meals

Named and claimed by our very own customer, Emily. Jute For You is a biodegradable and recyclable bag that is perfect for holding heavy weight with its strong padded handles. It's extremely durable in comparison to other shopping bags and it doesn't require a lot of maintenance either! We feel like this could be your new favourite supermarket bag.


Next up is, Leiho's "Bag to Basics" tote bag
You heard us. We know a tote bag can be pretty basic but in a cool way. Tote bags are basically a bag version of a pair of trackies. But this isn't a bog standard tote bag, we chose this specifically for its size. If you're looking for a bag to just lob all your bits and bobs in when you're in a hurry or going away for a weekend, this bag is the one. For size reference, it can comfortably fit 2 shoeboxes.

At Leiho, every product is tailored to a social cause we are on a mission to solve. With these bags, we want to help contribute towards building a zero hunger generation. That's why for every Leiho bag sold, we will provide 20 wholesome school meals to a child in need.

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