How to turn packages into gift boxes

How to turn packages into gift boxes

We've had a lot of fun coming up with different ways you can repurpose packaging and this is by far our most creative and favoured method (so favoured that it deserves it's own post).

This is such a simple, thoughtful and fun way to put a smile on someone's face! If you know a special occasion coming up - reduce waste and redecorate your packages into gift-boxes.

We've put together an easy step-by-step on how to repurpose our sock boxes into some wholesome gift boxes. (You can use any package box that you get from your online orders, just evaluate if it offers redeemable qualities.)

STEP 1 - Grab an A4 coloured sheet and cut it so that it sits perfectly on top of the box.


STEP 2 - Slather the coloured sheet with glue on one side.


STEP 3 - Carefully stick the sheet on top of the box and trim away any uneven edges.


STEP 4 - Decorate and doodle your box with something 'grate'


STEP 5 - You could even add some goggly eyes or stick some photos on it - get creative!


STEP 6 - Now, fill the box with all your wonderful gifts


STEP 7 - VOILA! You have yourself a brand new, very attractive, eco-friendly box that has been upcyled, repurposed and pimped up.


So, get creative. Your DIY gift box is guaranteed to add a bit of personality to your gift and of course make the person you are giving it to smile before they even open your present. If you ever try and redecorate an old package into a gift box, let us know because we want to see! @leiho_uk