Why getting socks as a present makes you happy when you are an adult

Getting socks for a present as an adult is one of those ‘simple but meaningful’ moments.

It’s Christmas morning and you are 5 years old sitting by the tree with lots of colourful giftboxes, you open your first present and it’s a sock gift set. You burst into tears. Why? As a 5-year-old, our expected presents will always be something along the lines of something sweet and tasty or a new fun toy, we don’t realise the importance of getting gift sets of bamboo socks until we are adults. When you’re an adult, the simple gifts like novelty socks, new trainer socks or a gift boxes of colourful socks makes us happy because we wear socks every single day and we know we always need new socks!

So we rest our case on why socks for a present is always a good option. For anyone sporty, the obvious pair to go for are trainer socks but for those who prefer a glass of wine over the gym, you can’t go wrong with novelty socks. They are the perfect working from home attire too!