Find a pair of socks for every occasion in our latest bamboo socks gift

Find a pair of socks for every occasion in our latest bamboo socks gift

Explore our feeling moody socks gift set with a pair for every major ‘mood’. When we say moody, we mean in a feel good mood kind of way. From our ‘It’s Okay to Feel Blue’ to our ‘Driving me Navy’ – slide into socks that uplift you in a positive way. This socks gift set could be the best treat for your feet or even the most foot-warming gift for a friend.

So, what’s in the gift set?

Think Pink

These baby pink crew socks are extremely soft, comfy and by far are one of our greatest sellers. No matter who you are, you need at least one pair of pink socks in your drawer for those lazy, fun or crazy days.


It’s Okay to Feel Blue


Feeling blue is something we can all relate to but if you’re walking around in colourful socks with smiles on them, sometimes you just can’t help but remind yourself to smile! Just remember, when times are tough - it’s not a bad life, it’s a bad day.

Never a Grey Day


It’s never a grey day at Leiho. We love this shade of socks as it basically goes with everything – trackies, a colourful outfit, sweatshorts, jeans – you name it. Grey is the new black and we are here for it.

Driving Me Navy

We all know something that drives us a little navy but you know what? That keeps us on our toes (pun most certainly intended). This pair of socks is all about having a Crazy Navy day.

Check out how some of our community have styled this unique socks gift set: