5 sports activities to help build a stronger mind

5 sport activities to help build a stronger mind

At Leiho, we are all about creating a meaningful impact in everything we do. But often, due to the overwhelming amount of things life throws at us to do, we forget how to look after ourselves. Sports are often limited to what they can do for our physical well being, and as a result, we often forget to look deeper at what they can do for our mind.  Mental health is a growing concern and it's so important now more than ever to build that mind and body connection to uplift our lives.

So, lace up your running shoes, grab your tennis racket,  dive into the pool and put on your socks with us as we unravel a small selection of sports that will help build a better you.


Starting off strong; Yoga. Bending, holding, posing and visually stunning, it is known for nurture  more than a strong core. It cultivates mindfulness, stress reduction, and emotional balance through the integration of breath, movement, and meditation. Try out yoga for a more holistic path to building up your mental well-being. 

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Sometimes life can just be too much; too much paper work, taxes and emails to read. It can all just get so pent up. The building pressure makes you just want to take it all out. It enhances focus, concentration, and problem-solving abilities due to the fast-paced nature and need for precise shots. Nothing like friendly competition between yourself and a friend whom you've been meaning to see for a while. So pelt the ball at each other, run about the court!

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Football helps improve mental toughness and decision-making skills as players need to strategise, adapt quickly, and work as a team. It's also an excellent sport to socialise with, either watching down at the pub with a couple of friends or getting involved in a 5 a side. 

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Running is a great way to foster mental discipline and determination. Have you ever run on a treadmill and experience that the first 10 minutes or so is the toughest but when you overcome that stage and your body warms up, things get slightly easier? This is a great example of how running helps individuals push through mental barriers and build resilience. Whether you go outdoors or at the gym, pick a place that works for you and see the impact running can have on your mind and body!

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Cycling helps promote mental resilience and endurance, as cyclists must push through physical challenges and maintain mental clarity during long rides. It's a great way to get some exercise in whilst also being able to enjoy the scenery of your surroundings. Go for a ride in your local park or around the block and feel the difference!

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We hope this list of activities will give you a better idea of how you can incorporate exercise into your lifestyle to help you build a stronger mind. Fitness is not only beneficial for your physical health but also your mental health so grab a buddy or go on a solo adventure and try out something from the list today!


Written by: Ellis Dowle