Five fun and easy ways to give back for charity

5 Fun & Easy Ways to Give Back

There are many great ways to support a cause and give back if you find yourself on a bit of a tight budget this month. From volunteering your skills and expertise to a social enterprise to playing a game to make a difference, the opportunities to do some good are endless.

Try some of our 5 recommended ways to give back:

  • Raise Awareness 
  • Raising awareness for a social cause and charity

    What we believe to be the absolute best and biggest way you can support a small business or a charity is to educate yourself and the people around you. Knowledge is power and once you understand the purpose and cause, word of mouth and raising awareness can be extremely powerful. How can you do this? Easy! Sharing posts on your social media or just talking about it with your friends and family. Never underestimate how much difference raising awareness can make.


  • Volunteer your time 
  • Volunteering your time for charity

    Volunteering, as most people know, is a great way to support a charity. From helping out at a shelter to mentoring a student in need. If you don’t know where to start, there are many volunteering websites online for you to volunteer from home too! We Make Change has been one of our long term partners where you can volunteer your skills remotely with social enterprises and charities.


  • Donate unused goods to a charity 
  • Donate unused goods to charity

    We all have items that are in good quality but have been forgotten about. So the next time you do your spring clean, take your pre-loved goods to your local charity shop or check out Give Your Best - an online platform that allows you to upload photos of your clothes for refugees to shop for free! There are tons of charities in need of supplies especially clothing, books and even children’s toys.

  • Charity Miles 
  • Charity miles

    Why not get fit while doing good? Charity Miles is a steps tracker app that converts your miles into a donation for your chosen charity. Walk, run or bike for a good cause!

  • Play to make a difference
  • Free rice

    FreeRice is an online quiz that makes you learn and have fun while making a difference for people around the world. Every question you answer correctly raises 10 grains of rice for the World Food Programme (WFP). 

    It’s all of the little things that matter and sometimes the following list of actions can speak louder than words!

    Written by Camille Lacassagne