Custom branded merchandise


Branded merchandise is the perfect way to increase visibility, built brand trust and make a great impression. Partnering with Leiho ensures that your merchandise not only achieves these goals but also supports meaningful social impact:

✅ Eco-conscious products with the the highest ethical and sustainable certifications.

✅ Meeting a collective social responsibility by supporting an initiative that help underprivileged communities.

✅ High quality items that everyone will love and appreciate! 

Brands we have collaborated with:


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Leiho x Spotify Socks.jpg__PID:78365ed8-e4e8-41dd-9427-194e236718f0

Leiho x Spotify

We were able to make a big batch of custom branded socks for the Spotify family thanks to Legacy Marketplace. From custom designs to labels, our team curated these cosy patterned socks.

5% of the revenue from this partnership went towards funding basic essentials like clean socks, underwear, sleeping bags and more for people experiencing homelessness.

We are grateful to work in collaboration with other socially conscious companies to make a positive impact to the local communities together. 

IMG_3098-preview copy.jpg__PID:e4e861dd-d427-494e-a367-18f07301908a

Leiho x LinkedIn

Together with Verve Live Agency, we made 750 beautiful pairs of custom bamboo socks for LinkedIn's latest event!

Our design team were given a colour pallette and used it to put together design mock-ups which the client was able to then shortlist from. We worked closely with the client to ensure that they were happy with the results!

"The socks were a great success and the client loved them!"

Not only did these socks make great merchandise at the event, they are also helping fund employment opportunities for women in need through our impact workshops.

Leiho x Epoch Biodesign Socks.jpg__PID:714a904b-3a17-4f39-a062-14f39e1e5e5a

Leiho x Epoch Biodesign

Epoch Biodesign celebrated their 5th anniversary by surprising employees with a custom branded cosy pair of organic cotton ribbed socks on their desks when they came in to work!

We embroidered their logo onto the socks and made a custom wrap label to let them know that these socks were helping us provide essential care packages for low-income families in temporary accommodation.

We are thrilled to work with Epoch, a biodesign company creating natural solutions to help fight challenges affecting climate change such as plastic pollution.

Copy of IMG_2029.jpg__PID:904b3a17-cf39-4062-94f3-9e1e5e5ae86e

Leiho x FMA

In October 2021, we partnered with The Fashion Minority Alliance, a non-profit organisation charged with making the fashion industry diverse, inclusive and equitable. Our collaboration consisted of fair trade cotton tote bags designed to be extremely spacious, versatile and suitable for all age groups.

50% of the proceeds from this bag will help contribute towards Fashion Minority Alliance's efforts in hosting workshops, talks, schools programmes, funding paid work experience, consulting with big businesses and small, with a view that one day they will create an industry that is inclusive for all.

By working with the FMA, we hope to encourage the fashion industry to look more like the streets we walk on. We celebrate being different but more importantly, being different together.